Kitchen Remodeling

Why Remodel?

Unlike pre-made stock cabinets from a home supply store, custom kitchen cabinetry is built to your exact specifications to fit a specific space in your home, whether it is the kitchen or any other area where you may require storage. There are a wide variety of available styles, wood types, and finishes to choose from to suit your unique needs and blend seamlessly into the look of your home.

As custom cabinets from Affordable Kitchen Designers are built to your own specifications, you benefit from not only a design that perfectly suits and fits your own unique space, but you are also provided with a customized storage solution that can enable you to more efficiently access and arrange your belongings. In addition, custom cabinetry is perfect for rooms with odd-shaped architectural details as we can easily build cabinets to fit your space (something that would be virtually impossible with off-the-shelf cabinets).

Cabinets are 100% American made solid wood, custom sized to any dimensions without the need for fillers or spacers.


Our Clients Say...

Professional with high-quality product and installation. Paul is the best installer in the business. I would recommend to anyone.

Linda Pietzsch, Hamilton, New Jersey

Calculating Your Budget

When designing your kitchen’s custom cabinetry, setting a realistic budget is crucial. Bear in mind that approximately half of your total budget for your kitchen remodel should be allocated to cabinetry alone. Our skilled representatives at Affordable Kitchen Designers will work with you every step of the way. Simply, contact us and start with a Free Estimate.

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